Here Come The Holidays, And More LOL Surprise Dolls.

Hey mama. I see you over there, under 25 layers of plastic scraps while your child is still gleefully can’t-waiting and unwrapping the contents of that colorful ball. And Lord I pray it is not a Confetti Pop for the sake of your floors. Let me tell you, I can relate.

I can relate to your bank account that has undeniably suffered trips to Target for a single $13 Big Sister only to discover shelves of empty boxes (or only pets), yet still left with $89 worth of oh-yeah-I-needed-that.

I can relate to your surprise when there is actually a full shelf to choose from—and the overwhelming urge to grab them all.

I can relate to your disdain for not actually knowing what you’re buying at all.

And I can relate to your hidden excitement to unveil the surprise.

I can relate to the layers of plastic and confetti strung all throughout your house.

And the ice-cold and luke-warm water splashed all over your kitchen.

I can relate to your hatred for teeny-tiny shoes, yet also your fondness of spunky little names and adorable little styles.

I can relate to 27 minutes of alone-time while your child is trying to get to the doll.

And 27 hours of beg-time while your child is trying to convince you why they need just one more.

Who knew toy fads could be so fun as a parent? Some days I’m not sure if I love or hate the LOL Dolls, but they sure do add a layer (or 7) of excitement to this stage of life. Here’s to the next blind bag!

This post is in no way sponsored by MGA Entertainment or LOL Surprise Dolls, though I probably should have tried to make that happen. 🙂

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