Lift The Weight of Parenthood, One Piece At a Time.

I think we all could agree parenting and Lego sets have a decent amount in common. There are a bazillion pieces, some big and some small. If just one piece falls out of place, the whole masterpiece could crumble. There are multiple things to build, and multiple ways to build them. There are sometimes instruction manuals, but they are so dang hard to keep tabs on.

I have often found myself going through phases of parenthood where everything seems stable and sturdy, and then phases where we are teetering on chaos 24/7. And when it feels like chaos 24/7 my fuse gets shorter, my temper bigger and my overall demeanor crankier. I don’t like being that version of me.

So what do I do about it?

I find one piece that’s driving me the most crazy. A lot of times, this has to do with sleep, so we focus in on correcting the sleep issues. One time it was the morning routine. So we created a morning routine chart, and started laying out clothes the night before. Most recently, it was volume control—this family has loud voices, and we all talk over each other. We’re making a conscious effort to keep things quieter and, therefore, more peaceful.

It all feels so silly when you get started. The voice in your head will scream “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” or, “Making kids clean up after themselves is like Parenting 101,” but when you’re trying to keep all the pieces in the right places it’s hard to see the one thing that’s throwing everything else out of whack.

The thought of correcting all the things I’d like to correct in my life all at once is entirely overwhelming. By focusing in on only one element, it feels manageable. And to date, it’s been achievable. So pick just one thing that is driving you insane, and tackle it. You can do it! Make a plan, and stick to it for a week straight. You’ll be amazed at the difference a single change can make in the overall happiness and peacefulness in your home.

Good luck! Report back to me what challenge you tackled, and how it helped your home. I’m sure my household needs it, too.

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