Studies Show Moms Actually Ask, “Why?” More Than Their Toddlers.

I’m using the word studies very loosely here. As in, one study. As in, my personal experience. However, having a 3-year-old the second time around has been vastly different than the first, and I think this “study” has merit.

I was delighted and exasperated by my eldest daughter’s curiosity a few years ago. Why do you wash your hair? Why does it get dirty? Why do you get grease in it? Oh, why do you touch it? Why do we go places? Why is our minivan blue? etc….You get the idea.

However, my second daughter is quite different. She hardly ever asks, “Why?”. She doesn’t ask, “Why?” because she’s too busy finding out. She’s a doer. If she’s curious about something, she finds a way to get it done. Without much thought, without much fear of consequences and without any regard for potential danger. The result?

Me asking, “WWHHHYYYYY????” more than I ever thought humanly possible. Real life examples:

Why would you put gum in your hair?

Why did you climb into the baby’s crib?

Why would you pee in a bucket and dump it in the trash can?

Why did you bite him/her/that/it?

Why would you put vaseline in your hair?

Why did you color your legs/walls/sister?

Why did you lick the bottom of my shoe?

Why are you feeding yourself with your foot?

Why did you touch the straightener right after I told you it was hot?

Why did you smuggle M&Ms/pennies/bouncy balls/toys into daycare?

If you can dream it, she’s probably done it. The most recommended emoji in my phone is the face palm. Second, the shoulder shrug. Please tell me all the reasons you asked your toddler, “Why??” lately. It will help me feel like a better mom.

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